Floral Friday : Ranunculus

Ranunculus meaning : Charm and attractiveness

These little beauties are a firm favourite in the WILLOWGOLD studio.  Similar to a peony or tight rose bud, the ranunculus opens up to unfold layers of soft crepe-like petals.  They are in season usually between November to May and come in a whole host of colours and varieties ranging from the burnt autumnal colours to the softest of blush pinks.  We think the Italian-grown ranuncs are the best, especially the glorious Cloni Hanoi (first picture below) - we never fail to oooh and aaah when we see one in full bloom and find ourselves constantly buying them at the market, just because!      

We love them for many a reason, but for Jen it’s a favourite as there is something very romantic and delicate about them and the perfect flower for a wedding. “A lot of our brides ask for peonies to be part of their wedding flowers which aren’t in season for that long and also brides that ask for us to not use roses so these are a great substitute”

As pretty as they are, they’re not always the easiest of stems to work with. Often the stems are soft and prone to tilting. We’d suggest cushioning the head of the flower with some foliage or another sturdy flower-head that is being used in your arrangement to give it some extra support.  They also have hollow stems so a delicate touch is needed when handling them.  The stems will soon degrade which will cloud the water so we suggest recutting the stems and giving it fresh water to drink every couple of days.  

As beautiful as they are in an arrangement, we also love them in a vase by themselves.  A little tip - take off the small offshoots from the main stem and trim the end before adding them to your vase - if you’re lucky they will bloom and open up too!